A “Housing Market” article referred incorrectly to the role of Warren Kurr, an agent for Weavil, Maggit Realtors, regarding a 1930 two-bedroom un-insulated lakeside cottage listed at $668,000. While Mr. Kurr cited the house as being offered at “a bargain price any active buyer will salivate over,” he is the listing agent, not “an interested buyer” who “happened by” as our reporter took photos, which impression he now states “might have been accidentally inferred from my contextual comments at the time.”  Mr. Kurr will be appearing before the Real Estate Commission Ethics Board at its next regularly scheduled meeting, July 4, 2021, rain date, July 4, 2031.

   A picture caption in the “About Town” column misidentified a couple shown at the “Support Bullfrog Breeding” gala. They are not Mr. Ivan Logarbo and his wife, Mrs. Constance Whitney-Logarbo, but Mr. Logarbo and his administrative assistant, Ms. Trish Strudel.  Mrs. Whitney-Logarbo’s attorney has confirmed that she could not have attended the event, as she was at the time visiting her sister in Southampton, where she now intends to establish residence with full custody of their children “by the time she gets through with Mr. Logarbo and what’s going to be left of his assets.”

    An announcement from the recently expanded Five Lakes Family Counseling Center stated that the new “Open House” drop-in hours are 1 a.m. to 6 a.m.  The correct hours are 1 p.m. to 6 p.m.  Those who dropped in at the previously announced hours may note that Ms. Matilda Roehling is the cleaning lady, not a counselor, although apparently she will dispense advice if asked.

    Due to a typographical error, an article on the new “Picnics for Predators” program at the Ossining State Correctional Facility misstated the prisoner number of Theodore “Stocky Thumbs” Apthorpe, son of the program’s co-founder, Five Lake’s own Delilah Apthorpe.  Mr. Apthorpe’s correct prisoner number is 54430393988, not 1-800 bail now.  Also, Mr. Apthorpe was convicted of first degree burglary, not possession of a pole-axe with intent to solicit a farm animal.

   An article about the strong effort by Five Lakes High School senior Tyson Frondorf  in the 200-meter race at the Class D Sectional Track Meet referred incorrectly to his performance, and misquoted his statement.  He finished second, not “a distant last,” he collapsed from exhaustion after the race, not before it, and the smell of alcohol came from a timing official, not Mr. Frondorf.   Mr. Frondorf quickly recovered and went on to finish a distant last in the shot put event, where all three of his attempts landed perilously close to his left big toe.  It was after this event that he spoke to reporters, not after the 200-meter race, and his actual statement was, “I guess I should stick to track instead of putting the shot,” not the previously reported, “I guess I should stick to a snack instead of pouring a shot.”

    Because of an editing error, the “Peppy People” column profiling Linda Satchwell, Executive Director of Gas and Power at Five Lakes Industrial Catering, misstated her age and other personal information.  She is 50, not 58; her breasts have been lifted, not enlarged; and the recently divorced Ms. Satchwell stated she is proud to have “a hiney like a 25 year old,” not “a hiney like a 25 pound Jello mold.”

   A map showing Christyntjekill, a Hudson Valley restoration emerging as a bohemian center, misspelled the name of an historic Dutch church there.  It is “Mietje-Van Wyck Reformed Congregation,” not “Beth-Mt. Sinai Reformed Congregation.”

    A listing for The Five Lakes Republican Party barbecue should not have included the menu item “grilled hollow oven dishes on aborted elephant wings.”  According to the party’s spokesperson, Kip Gamewell, the garbled voicemail left at our offices actually stated that the event “will allow an open discussion on abortion when elephants have wings,” and was meant, according to Mr. Gamewell, as a humorous aside, not part of the actual listing.  Perhaps Mr. Gamewell will now better understand why we ask for all event listings to be submitted in writing.


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